XML Editor

 Schema Editor, XSLT Editor, XSLT Debugger, XSL-FO Editor, XQuery Editor

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EditiX 2010

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- Main
- XSLT Editor
- Schema Editor
- XSLT Debugger
- Real time error
- Content helper
- XML Diff
- DocBook
- Preferences

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- XML Editor
- XSLT Editor
- Schema Editor
- XSLT Debugger
- XSL-FO Editor
- XPath Editor

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- XML Editor
- XSLT Editor
- XSLT Debugger
- XSL-FO Editor
- XQuery Editor
- Form Editor
- DTD Editor
- Schema Editor
- SVG Editor
- Open XML Editor
- OpenDoc editor
- XHTML Editor
- DocBook Editor
- XML Diff
- CSS Editor

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This gallery contains a sample of EditiX  facilities. Click on each image for maximizing.

editix - xml editor
Main editor

XSLT Editor

editix form designerForm Designer

editix form editorForm Editor

editix schema editor Visual W3C schema Editor - designer mode
editix visual schema editor Visual W3C schema Editor - table mode
editix - xslt debugger
XSLT Debugger
xml editor error management
Error management
editix - xquery editor
XQuery Editor
editix - css editor
CSS Editor

mac os x xml editor

Mac OS X

editix - custom view

Custom element view

editix content helper
Content Helper
editix xpath builder
XPath Builder
editix file browser
File Browser

project manager

Project manager

editix Multicriteria research
Multiple criterias research

editix xhtml editor

XHTML Editor

Extracted Editor
editix - xsl fo
FO Tranformation
editix - Preferences


editix - dtd editor

DTD Editor
editix - xml diff

XML Diff

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EditiX XML Editor for Windows

EditiX XML Editor for Linux

Editix XML Editor for Mac OS X
Mac OS X

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Small Business

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- EditiX Manual
- XML Standards

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This is really a
great app
for creating and
XML-based documents"
Rüdiger Weiß-Mazzoni

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hg Lite version hd
EditiX Lite is a Free XML Editor including a visual schema editor and an XSLT Editor.

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